Don’t be blindsided on the day of (or just before) closing by the size of your check. You may even have to pay money out! Here are some expenses that Sellers may pay at closing on the sale of a home. Check your HUD statement carefully and/or request an estimate of closing costs from your agent and lender prior to signing that contract for sale.


1.      Commission.

2.      Title Insurance.


3.      Closing fee to Attorney or Title Agent.


4.      If in a Homeowners Association (HOA), the charge for an estoppel letter (indicating all fees and assessments are paid to date).


5.      Pro Rata Share of Taxes.


6.      Pro Rata Share of HOA Fees (if applicable).


7.      Pro Rata Share of Special Assessments (However, these may have to be paid in full at closing and this is subject to the terms of the contract and the negotiation between the parties).


8.      Document Stamps on the Deed (a state filing tax).


9.      Bank charges for Paying off loan, if applicable.


10.    Payment for clearing any Judgments and/or liens, if applicable.