As a Port St. Lucie resident, I am very proud to call this my home, and I’m very happy that as of August my broker is opening a new office right here in St. Lucie West. So will be opening doors in Central Park Plaza in a couple of weeks – yay!

We don’t have much (or any presence) as a “tourist” destination – even the fact that we have the only ClubMed in the United States is not publicized – but I think we have the best climate and the friendliest people you will find in the State of Florida. We also have a strong personal and institutional commitment to staying a “green” county. Recycling trucks pick up weekly from every residence and we residents participate enthusiastically. Our streets and lands are clean and litter free, with a lot of park land devoted to maintaining native habitats for the local plants and wildlife.

But I am getting carried away by my own enthusiasm when I intended to publish some excerpts from Mayor Joanne Faiella’s recent speech at a commercial real estate conference.

So here are some interesting facts and figures from the Mayor:

Did you know we (Port St Lucie) has a population of 167,000?  We are proud of our “small town” feel but we are a big city.  We are the 9th largest city in Florida.
We have the lowest crime rate in the state.  In fact, last year our crime rate dropped more than 19 percent.  It was the 3rd consecutive year that Port St Lucie has had the lowest crime rate of any Florida city with a population over 100,000.  It was the 10th time the city has been recognized by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for having the state’s lowest crime rate.
We are also one of the largest cities geographically.  Our 116 square miles of incorporated city is larger than the cities of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach combined.
We have excellent infrastructure with modern state-of-the-art water and sewer utilities available to every lot in the city.  This is especially important for new businesses looking to build.
With plenty room for growth, we have attracted high tech industries, with three major biotech firms moving here in the past few years.  And because we now have a biotech cluster, with more to come, a 90 bed hospital is under construction to open in the fall, and a 400,000 square foot medical office plaza will soon follow.
In the past year we have had four highly recognizable national companies commit to Port St Lucie.
Bass Pro Shops is opening a retail destination here along I-95 just outside Tradition with plans to open this fall.
Burlington Coat Factory is moving into the St Lucie West area.
Also in St Lucie West, Guitar Center just opened.  They have more than 240 stores nationwide.  On opening night more than 3,000 customers lined up around the block to get in.
Tesla Motors, who make the most popular electric cars on the market, are planning to build a supercharging station, also in St Lucie West.  The significance of this is that we are a midway point between the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area and the Orlando-St Petersburg areas.  Tesla Motors see the potential here and recognize the value of being within a 2-3 hour drive of more than 11 million people.  By the way, since Tesla Motors announced their Port St Lucie plan two months ago, their stock has gone up 19 percent.  Tesla’s founder and CEO also started PayPal, so anytime a successful international visionary gives a vote of confidence to our community, we feel very encouraged.
And, in case you are wondering, we did not offer any financial incentives to any of these retailers.  They are coming because they like our community and they anticipate a return on their investment here.  We did offer them fast-track permitting and other rapid services, but no money.
Port St Lucie does other things to bring in and support businesses.  We keep our city looking clean and beautiful.  We provide free training for businesses on how to avoid costly startup mistakes that kill profits.  We help people going into business learn about permitting and licensing issues.
There is a lot happening in Port St Lucie.  Where else in South Florida can you find the big city amenities without all the crime, traffic, road rage, litter, graffiti and blight?
Our housing costs are relatively low by comparison, so people of modest or middle income can purchase a nice house here and experience the American Dream.

And I don’t think I have anything to add to this! Thank you, Mayor Faiella.