Those who follow my blog know I usually don’t chatter on about myself, so I’m warning you might want to stop reading . . . NOW!

South Florida gardening season is just around the corner. I am fluffing the compost heap and have a rainbarrel installed to collect runoff directly from the rain gutters. I’ve been weeding and turning over my front flowerbed (that I let “go native” all summer) and getting some easy-care color in it along with my succulents and cycads. I will be posting more articles later in the season about gardening. If anyone is interested , here is my new rainbarrel:  



I think the most important thing I’ve gained is the knowledge of the difference in water quality – especially where plants are concerned – and awareness of what a precious resource it is. Now when I rinse out my recyclables I recycle the rinse water by pouring it on my plants instead of down the drain. When I shower I get wet, turn the water off, and turn it back on only when I’m ready to rinse.

The University of Florida (my old alma mater) has a wonderful agricultural extension program. They run rainbarrel classes throughout the year. For a $45 fee and an afternoon’s work you can have your very own rainbarrel. They are also an amazing resource to learn about plants – which ones will thrive in your yard and which ones won’t, how to take care of the ones you have. Here is a link to their website where you can look up your county and find information on your local extension office:

My Prius is almost a month old and has used all of 6 gallons of gas in it (I do mostly in-town driving). It’s not a thrill drive but I’m not a thrill driver anymore. Maybe in a few years when the prices of Teslas come down (I hope) I might spring for one. We have a new Tesla super charging station in St. Lucie West, just steps from Starbucks and a couple of nice restaurants. In 45 minutes you can have a meal while your car is completely recharging – for free! And then you’re good to go for another 250-300 miles. Sweet! Here’s my new cutie, And I’m taking suggestions for names:



I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Labor Day. I will be going down to Miami for my mother’s birthday while my other half stays here to take care of the critters. Have fun everyone!