I know how difficult it can be moving to a new area and getting to meet and know people – especially people with a common interest or outlook.

You don’t have to spend months, or even years, collecting a circle of fun, like-minded, and supportive friends anymore. Thanks to the digital age (of course!) you can jump-start your adventure into a new area and new life.

We commonly think of school, work, church, charitable organizations, and clubs as ways into a community and they are all excellent. However, another option includes clubs that organize on-line. And I mean, just “organize.” You still meet up once a week, once a month, or however often, in person, with living, breathing, tangible human beings. So far, I have found the most variety and activity on a site called “Meetup”.

I was skeptical at first too (why does meetup sound too much like “hookup” to me? Hmmmm). But you can go on to Meetup.com, type in your city and how far you are willing to travel, and find: religious/spiritual groups, stay-at-home or home-schooling Moms, over-55 women, widows and widowers, active singles, kayakers, motorcyclists, adventurers, book readers, networking business people, specialized activities for any particular age group. Most of them have a regular meeting time and place, often at a local restaurant. And if you don’t find a group that tickles your fancy, you can start one!

I’ve been reading quite a bit about how computers isolate us from one another or give us a false sense of community via the so-called social media. Heck – this is one! And if you’re not reading it on my “Blog” (yeah, I hate that word too) you’re probably seeing it on my Facebook “page” or Twitter “feed”. But Meetup.com is a way to connect live and in person with others. You might waste a few hours, but then again you might have a great time and make some new friends.

I would love to know your individual experiences or recommendations. I’ve been the “new kid in town” and I know how it feels. And as friendly as the Treasure Coast feels to me, I also know that I have had the advantage of working with a great bunch of people who make me feel appreciated, and I’m involved in a couple of charities that touch my heart, but it took a few years to really feel a sense of belonging.

We have an interesting and diverse group of people here, so the chances are you will find kindred spirits if you look for them. I am often fascinated by the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and outlooks of the people I meet. I think it’s once of the things I enjoy most about my profession. I would love for my readers to have the same opportunities I do to engage in the community and enjoy what it has to offer.

Let me know your experiences and suggestions. You can e-mail me at:   SusanLaveryRealtor@gmail.com